Challenger Bread Pan
Challenger Bread Pan
Challenger Bread Pan
Challenger Bread Pan
Challenger Bread Pan
Challenger Bread Pan
Challenger Bread Pan
Challenger Bread Pan

Challenger Bread Pan

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A revolutionary cast iron bread pan designed by bakers, for bakers.

Every detail of the Challenger Bread Pan was designed with the baker in mind. It's made out of thick, black cast iron because it is proven to absorb, retain, and radiate heat—just what your dough needs. The cover is shaped like a loaf of bread to bring radiant heat as close as possible to help your dough’s oven spring and bloom. And with handles large enough for oven mitts, you’ll easily load your dough, place and remove the cover, and safely remove your perfect loaf.

The Challenger is a self-contained oven within your oven so that heat is not lost when you open the oven to take the cover off.

A truly special gift - for yourself or your beloved baker!

Shallow base and wide top handles: Loading your dough is easy. No more complicated parchment slings to lower your dough into a deep pot. No more burned hands. The multiple, well-placed handles, and the shallow base of the Challenger Bread Pan make handling easy — before, during and after your bakes.

Sealed environment: Steam is critical for baking bread. The right amount of steam keeps the outside of your dough soft during the first part of the bake — allowing for maximum expansion and the ultimate rise. Steam also dissolves sugars on the surface of the dough. It’s these sugars that caramelize into beautifully browned, cripsy crusts. The Challenger creates the perfect amount of steam.

Deep cover: Leaves plenty of room for your oven spring.

Exclusive: It’s the only pan of its kind! And the shape is so versatile. Make everything from boules to bâtards, baguettes, ciabatta, even pizza!

The Challenger Bread Pan has been pre-seasoned and shipped ready to use. Prior to your first bake, simply wipe the pan with a damp cloth. The pan is extremely easy to clean. Simply brush it free of any crumbs once it has cooled. You may occasionally want to wash your pan with water or dish detergent. After washing and rinsing thoroughly, lightly wipe the surface of your pan with grapeseed or flaxseed oil to preserve the pan’s seasoning and beautiful finish. Allow the pan to dry in a warm oven. Only store the lid and base of your pan when they are completely dry.

We recommend preheating your pan to 450—500°F / 230—260°C. The time it takes to reach this suggested temperature will vary depending on your oven. Your pan retains consistent heat longer than other baking vessels and therefore you may need to adjust your usual bake times. Please monitor baking times closely during the first few uses and adjust oven heat and bake times as necessary. Minor smoking may occur during your first few bakes. This is normal and safe and will not affect your bread. The smoking will soon dissipate.

EXTERIOR (Includes Handles)
Length 15.4 in / 392 mm
Width 10.2 in / 260 mm
Height 5.4 in / 136 mm

Length 12.3 in / 310 mm
Width 9.6 in / 239 mm
Height 5 in/ 127 mm

Total 21.9 lbs / 9.9 kg
Lid 12.6 lbs / 5.7 kg
Base 9.3 lbs / 4.2 kg

Our pan is made from cast iron with the following percentages of other metals: carbon 2.5-4.2, silicon 1.0-3.0, manganese 0.15-1.0, sulfur 0.02-0.25, phosphorus 0.02-1.0.

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