Bamboo Steamer
Bamboo Steamer
Bamboo Steamer

Bamboo Steamer

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The first time you try our two-tiered bamboo steamer you will wish you bought one years ago. You can use it to steam vegetables, meat, fish, tamales and even frozen dumplings. Most traditional metal steamer baskets sit low in your pan making it easy to run out of water and burn the bottom of your pan before your food is fully cooked. Our bamboo steamer sits on top of a wok or saucepan so you can have 2-3 inches of water in reserve for longer steaming time. Both the 10” and 12” fit well into our flat bottom wok.

- Includes 1 Set: 2 Steamers, 1 Cover, Retail Box and Recipes
- Weight 2.5 lb

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  • 10": BAR-014-001
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