Handcrafted Maple Salt & Pepper Mill Set, 7"

Handcrafted Maple Salt & Pepper Mill Set, 7"

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This beautiful Salt & Peppermill set is handcrafted in Maine, USA using sustainably harvested solid rock maple. Built to deliver lifetime service these mills are easy to use, clean and refill. They have a stainless steel two step mechanism, lock and grind. The grinding mechanism pops out for easy cleaning. The set is adjustable being able to offer a wide range of grinds from very course to super fine. The Peppermill does a few things while grinding in order to enhance the flavor, first it crushes the peppercorns and then grinds them to the chosen consistency. Specially made to work specifically with peppercorns, salt will not work in the peppermill and likewise pepper will not work in the salt mill. This set comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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