Handmade Walnut Cutting Board
Handmade Walnut Cutting Board
Handmade Walnut Cutting Board
Handmade Walnut Cutting Board

Handmade Walnut Cutting Board

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Made in the USA. These gorgeous cutting boards combine art and functionality for your home. Splurge on one for you or as a gift as each can be used for both cutting and serving. Each board is handmade and built to last. Sturdy enough for wear over the years but light enough to be your go-to for daily kitchen tasks. Our design includes an elegant hole cutout for carrying and storage but this board is so beautiful you will want to display it when not in use.

The medium size at 9" x 13" is slightly larger than a piece of paper and perfect for everyday jobs.

The large size at 13" x 18" is as useful as it is beautiful and you will want to keep it on your countertop for all daily cutting jobs

The long size at 6.5" x 18" will quickly become your primary serving board, perfect for cheese displays. 

These boards require handwashing and regular wood oiling with mineral oil for guaranteed longevity. 

You'll receive the cutting board in the size you've selected, plus a care sheet and bottle of wood conditioning oil. 

  • Make sure your Cutting Board is oiled before each use.
  • Hand-wash your board and pat or wipe dry after use. Allow it to finish drying upright. Never soak your board in water or leave it damp. This will cause warping.
  • Apply mineral oil/beeswax to a clean, dry board and let it soak in for a few hours. Wipe excess oil off before next use. The end grain of the board is especially sensitive, so make sure to also treat with oil or cutting board conditioner. If the oil is solidified in the bottle, place the bottle in warm water (be careful not to burn yourself).
  • After use, store the board in an upright position or hang it using the hole. If your board is stained or begins to smell, sprinkle baking soda and/or salt on the surface and use the cut edge of a lemon half to scrub. Afterward, wipe the board with warm water, dry and oil.
  • Please don’t put your Cutting Board in the dishwasher.

Choose from medium, large, or long size.

  • Medium: 9"W x 13"L
  • Large: 13"W x 18"L
  • Long: 6.5"W x 18"L

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