Waist Apron
Waist Apron
Waist Apron
Waist Apron
Waist Apron

Waist Apron

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Made in USA, this high quality half apron is a go to for bartenders and waitstaff alike. Perfect for the home chef for quick hand wipes without the bulkiness of a full bib apron. Made of durable and comfortable fabrics and features two hip pockets as well as 100% cotton waist straps.

Caring for your chef's apron:

  • Wash in the dish sink and hang dry! Or machine wash cold and dry low.
  • No bleach! No really. Please don't bleach the aprons.
  • Pro tip- Tie your waist straps together in a loose knot. They won't get caught in the machine.
  • Width: 30""
  • Length: 16.5""
  • Waist Strap: 38""

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