The Smoothie Book (Signed Copy!)

The Smoothie Book (Signed Copy!)

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The Smoothie Book: A collection of 100 quick and easy plant-based smoothie recipes that will make you happy.  (Paperback - Signed Copy!)

Jump right into a world of 100 plant-based smoothies with this colorful recipe book full of fresh ideas by Certified Nutritionist, Alli Shircliff. There are 10 chapters, each with 10 recipes with a specific theme, like green smoothies, savory smoothies, secret-ingredient smoothies, and a smoothie for every season.

“I drink smoothies daily, so The Smoothie Book is a perfect complement to my lifestyle. I’m excited to try all of the recipes because they include ingredients that I never thought about adding to a smoothie before. Plus, my kids will especially enjoy the dessert smoothies!”

-Laila Ali, World Champion Boxer, Health and Wellness Advocate, and Cookbook Author

“Working in television, I am always in a hurry, and smoothies are my ‘go to’ every morning before a shoot. And…if you know me, you know I LOVE dessert. The fact that I can make a lemon pecan and chocolate brownie smoothie that only has all-natural fresh ingredients is a win-win for me. It’s the best of both worlds!”

-Kelly Edwards, Television Host and Interior Designer

Alli has had a passion for food, nutrition, and fitness since she was a young girl. She took her first health class in fourth grade and fell in love with the science of nutrition chapter. This was back when the four food groups were taught, before the food pyramid, and she strove to eat the correct amounts of each food group each day. That love of science and food influenced her in college and graduate school where she studied nutrition for both degrees. She worked in restaurants, cafés, volunteered for food-based organizations, and read as much about alternative ways of approaching nutrition and food.

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