Wooden Cutting Board Care 101

featured image of wooden cutting boards

We always get questions on cutting board care and whether it is necessary to regularly oil wood cutting boards in the kitchen. The simple answer is: YES. Oiling your wood cutting boards in the kitchen will not only increase their lifespan but will make them better for cooking and cleaning during their lifetime.

Wood cutting boards are no different than unfinished wood furniture so the proper care and maintenance will keep them looking like new.

Can I Put My Wood Cutting Board In the Dishwasher?

Simply put, NO. It is not a good idea to put any of your wood kitchen items in the dishwasher including your cutting boards. The dishwasher uses hot water and harsh detergents that strip the wood of its natural oils.

What Is The Best Way To Wash A Wooden Cutting Board?

The best way to clean wooden cutting boards is by hand washing. Pat the board dry with a towel after washing. Allow the board to finish drying upright and never soak your wood cutting boards in water or leave them damp as this can cause warping.

What Is The Best Way To Oil My Wooden Cutting Board?

We recommend that you oil your cutting board before each use as a practice. Apply mineral oil/beeswax to a clean, dry board and let it soak in. Wipe excess oil off before next use. The end grain of the board is especially sensitive, so make sure to also treat it with oil or cutting board conditioner. If the oil is solidified in the bottle, place the bottle in warm water.

What If My Wooden Cutting Board Has An Odor?

If your board is stained or begins to smell, sprinkle baking soda and/or salt on the surface and use the cut edge of a lemon half to scrub. Afterward, wipe the board with warm water, dry and oil.

If this all sounds too complicated, there are some terrific dishwasher safe cutting boards too :)